Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Starting All Over Again....

This is something that has been kept under wraps for quite sometime as I was still trying to accept how it is going to affect my life and to start doing something all over again after 5 long years....

It finally 'leaked' couple of weeks ago due to one posting in FB... no thanks to the unflattering family photo.  But now that it's all out in the open, I guess it's also time I did a little update here...

Yes, here's our little beanie, all curled up at 14 weeks plus 1 day.

3rd time round, I was jittery yet glad that this little beanie did not disappoint me and followed his elder siblings' traits of ensuring mommy dearest had the smoothest pregnancy... no MS, no cravings, everything as per normal!  I just took the supplements prescribed by the gynae and everything else was per normal, no need to eat for 2 crap either!

We finally got to know the gender of little beanie in end April...

See what that tiny little arrow is pointing at... ah, yes, that's the little penis. Muahahahhaa..... so we're having another boy!  When I broke the news to the kids, Little Missy BURSTED into tears! She can't accept that fact that I'm actually having a BOY as she was darn sure it's going to be a GIRL and her wish will come true.  I felt really sad for her... but thankfully, she recovered from this totally shocking and unbelievably upsetting news the next day. :)

And here are some progressive photos of my growing belly...
At 24 weeks, plus 2 days

At 27 weeks 5 days

At 28 weeks... with little beanie's 1st sonograph! :)

At 29 weeks ... found an old book I got when I was pregnant with Lil Boy.
Time for a quick refresher course :)

Finally, at 30 weeks... getting rather restless inside the womb and have been super-duper active moving about!

Yes, now that I'm officially into my 3rd trimester... things have changed quite a bit - the weight, the body ache, the inability to sleep well, eat well (constant heartburn and indigestion), stand too long causing severe back pain, sore muscles and leg cramps... you name it, they're all coming together, one after another...

This is NOT fun anymore.....

And what worries me most is that the sudden thought that I might deliver early! All thanks to the daily exercise of walking up and down the sloping hill when going to/fro work........... did I also mention that I have to climb at least 30 steps of stairs to go up the office carpark before I continue to climb another 7 steps of stairs to the main lobby?  Tsk......

Anyway, these inconveniences are temporary... another 9 weeks to go....

Next up, getting ready to welcome the little beanie. :)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dinner with my lovelies... before getting the Monday blues bug!

It's been a long rainy day today... since before 8am this morning.

After Little Missy's Abacus Class, we decided to head home for some R&R and for them to also enjoy the rest of the weekend doing what they wanted - watching the DVD we got from the library last night - Secrets of the Pirate Island.

Afternoon breeze by after my home-cooked seafood spaghetti... took 30mins to cook but they took more than an hour to eat! grrr..... and my almost disastrous omelette with black fungus (an idea from a colleague to get the kids to try to eat new food!) coz i decided to fry the julienned carrots and black fungus and it back-fired by popping almost everywhere! argh... ended up more work for me to clean up... tskkk........... so no photos of lunch, coz I was too tired to do anything after washing up and mopping the kitchen floor!

So tonight, no more cooking... eating out at Swensen @ IMM.

I'm glad we didn't over order... coz somehow, our appetite has shrunk and most importantly, the kids got to eat what they liked - Fish & Chips and Vanilla Milk shake... so long they EAT, we're happy!

Hope you all had a pretty good weekend as well... before Monday Blues comes to bug all of us!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

GWIYOMI.... that's ME!

Need I say more? :D

Sunday, May 04, 2014

We all need a little Dippy in this Hot & Humid Weather!

It's been really hot and humid lately... I would very much like to stay indoors as much as possible but without air-conditioning, even the wind circulation from the ceiling fan felt like a sauna session!

So finally we found time for a dip in the pool... and also taking the opportunity to make use of the FREE ActiveSG $100 membership which both of us registered online.  

More information can be found here so go check it out! :)

And we're back to Clementi Swimming Complex, after quite a long while.
The kids sure looked forward to this outing and has been all enthusiastic about it since the night before.

And so... it's pool-dippy time!

Sometimes I do wonder... should we just sign them up for swimming lessons already?  Little Missy is still not over her water phobia but Lil Boy, the gungho one, sure seems like a good time for him to try things out.

Maybe... just maybe...

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

And the Lil Boy turned 5....

And so time flies and without much fanfare (as compared to Little Missy's big 6); my Lil Boy turned 5 today.

I was a little upset that I didn't managed to get the cake he wanted... or rather, i had wanted for him to have as the bakery that I went to; was very limited in their choices and they do not customize birthday cakes.

Me, on being a little stingy these days... decided to improvise as much as I can... anyway, it turned out pretty nice.  Most importantly, Lil Boy was happy... just look at his smiles... and his friends were happy too! And that short period of time celebrating at the childcare is all that matters. :)

Yes, the fully improvised cake ... I added the little "HotWheels" banner at the back, the start/finish line flags on the cake as well as change the tiny vehicles give by the bakery with actual tiny HotWheels cars which Lil Boy had wanted.

And he's quite pleased with the outcome... the smile says it all :)

I'm quite pleased... he's finally enjoying his birthday celebration in childcare, compared to the previous few where he tends to be a little gloomy and all ... maybe he's really grown a little older to enjoy his special day!

I had to crop this from the video... he blew the candles way too fast before we even asked him to!  He simply can't wait! haha...

And getting ready to cut the cake as well.

With his form teacher, Ms Azreen.

As much as we all wanted to join in for this celebration, now that Little Missy is in P1 (afternoon class); it seems quite impossible to have the family celebrate it at childcare with it's just dear me and my 'not-so-little-anymore' Lil Boy this year.

Happy and Blessed 5th Birthday, Gaby.
You've brought us tremendous joy and happiness, despite your mischief at home and at school; and we wish that you good health and happiness and to enjoy your childhood as much as you can.

Love you lots and lots!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Impromptu Trip Across The Causeway

It has been awhile... and since traffic seems to be not that bad (when has it ever been good, anyway?!), we decided to brave the long journey and head north.

But once we're there... fed the grumpy kids and bring them to Molly Fantasy, everything seemed to be rather worth it... and when i say worth it, it's really in terms of $VALUE$.  Muahahhahaa....

Anyway, most important thing is - the kids had fun.

When was the last time you went up north? :P

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Year Of The Horse - Galloping Your Way!

May The Year Of The Golden Horse
Brings you Happiness and Health All Through The Year!

Happy Lunar New Year, Everyone!